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(705) 326-7793

Client Services

As a client of Goimage, you have probably already figured out something important about our approach. We do not come back to you every 3 months to try to sell you something new.

Most clients begin with a requirement for an effective website that accomplishes some specific marketing goal. We research the competitive landscape, learn all we can about your business, and then deliver.

What else do we do?

Search Engine Optimization

We've been working with search engines since the days of "Archie", "Veronica", and "Jughead". These were early search programs that were used on the Internet long before the development of the World Wide Web.

When WWW arrived, we worked with the first search engines..., Excite and others, along with the directories created by Yahoo and Looksmart. Other major search engines included Lycos, Webcrawler, and AltaVista in the years before Google.

The bottom line? We were optimizing search when today's typical "SEO Expert" was still in grade school. Experience matters. Contact us for all your your optimization needs.

Social Media Management

Before Pinterest, before Facebook, there were BBSes, Cserve forums, and Myspace, AOL profiles. We used them all. Social media is about effective communication of your values and brand. Some social media should never be used by used by certain types of business. Other social media is an absolute requirement.

We know the difference, and can develop and manage a comprehensive social media program for you.